See what the gameplay of the war game Six Days in Fallujah looks like

The long-canceled game Six Days in Fallujah will still materialize as a completely new project, and IGN today exclusively broadcast the first recordings of that game. The Highwire Games development team has revealed to them its procedural architecture technology, with which they hope to achieve an element of surprise when waging war in an urban […]

When is the next steam sale?

When is the new sale, what did you plan to buy? Hopefully steam has opened the wallet for Black Friday! As they never announce their sales earlier, there is a page that, based on the algorithm and previous sales, monitors when the next one will be, so we can share some of them with you: […]

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – plans after the release?

Ubisoft has released details of new content that awaits potential players in the first year after the release of the upcoming Viking adventure Assassin’s Creed Valhalla     It is expected to open a new chapter in the famous, long-running Assassin’s Creed series within twenty days (that is, November 10 (today!)). In addition to PlayStation […]

CS:GO in Unreal Engine 4

Previously I wrote how an indie game developer named WayneS make League of Legends in Unreal Engine 4, and that we can’t wait for him to make the same with Valorant, but until that comes, we will give you a sneak peek to check out the Unreal Engine 4 project on CS:GO by Wiktor Öhman, […]

League of Legends in Unreal Engine 4

 An indie game developer named Wayne S. has completely reworked the Summoner’s Rift map in League of Legends using Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 and the results are mind-blowing. In a YouTube clip highlighting the map, Wayne said he worked on the project a few hours each day over a three-week span. His goal was […]


Now it is confirmed that MinEcon, fair for those who like Minecraft, will be held in the ExCel London Exhibition and Conference Center in London and it is 4-5 July as valid. As in previous years there in place to organized panel discussions, tournaments, various events, and finally a big party. Total sold 10,000 tickets, […]


Our first article is going to be about CS:GO and the ongoing ESL tournament in Cologne in August.  It took a loss on Dust2 to bring Ninjas in Pyjamas for CS: GO quarterfinal against Complexity. But then they showed why they are considered one of the world’s top teams when they relatively easily won two […]

Hyperhidrosis May be Causing You to Lose Out On Your Gaming Skills

If you’re a serious gamer, you know how frustrating it can get when your joystick or keyboard slips under your fingers. This is a problem specifically in strategical moments in the game because you’ll most likely end up pressing the wrong buttons and having less control of your game. How did I found out that […]