To able to play online games very well you need a really internet connection. In this article we are going to compare prices, speed and customer service for different broadbands. The reason why we also compare broadband with customer service is because you really want quick answers from the customer service if you are in a match. Our reference for customer service ranking of customer service is UK Customer Service.

Sky broadband

Sky is one of the leading telecommunications and mobile telecommunications company in United Kingdom. You can choose from Skys super reliable and super value Sky packages. Download with speeds of up to 38Mb and make the most of Sky Talk calls. Sky broadband goes from 17mbit/s up to 76 mbit/s. And the prices goes from 3 pound per month up to 30 pounds per month. Sky customers seems very happy with Sky customer service with a average rating of 7,5 of 10 on Uk Customer Service.(July 2015)

BT broadband

BT offers fast and reliable broadband for everyone’s needs at different speeds from 17 Mbit / s to 76 mbit / s.  Here you get good service and quality equipment that you can trust for your surfing will flow as perfect as possible. Right now promotional prices from 9 pounds per month. BT customer service have an extremly high average rating with 9.0 from Uk customer service.

Talk Talk broadband

Here is one of the largest and most broadband providers in on the action and do it with the usual strength. Here you can get broadband with speeds from 17 Mbit / s to 76 Mbit / s. Quality equipment capable capacity comes with the installation. Right now, you can select up to 76 Mbps for only 35 pounds a month the first six months to try their competitive broadband.  On the downside Talk talk customer service only has an average rating 3,9 which low compare to the first two.

Virgin media broadband

Virgin fiber-optic broadband rated the UK’s No 1

Looking for a great fiber-optic broadband deal? There are loads of reasons to choose Virgin Broadband

  • No need for a phone line with us or anyone else
  • The fastest average broadband download speeds widely available
  • Superfast fiber-optic speeds up to 152Mb

Virgin Media also has great prices stretching from 5 pounds a month to 30 pounds a month. Virgin media customer service has an average rating of 4.5 at Uk Customer service which falls in the middle of the companies that we have compared.

A conclusion in this study would be that the more expensive broadbands have better customer services than the cheaper ones.