Microsoft Mouse – a mouse that allowed us to scroll

On this day, exactly 25 years ago, Microsoft launched its legendary hardware add-on that changed the way we use computers.

Almost every computer mouse, whether gamer or standard, today comes with a wheel, usually in the middle of the mouse. It is clear to everyone what this wheel is used for and how it is used, but it is less known that it started to be widely used on this very day, 25 years ago. Namely, then the IntelliMouse mouse from Microsoft was introduced to the world.

To clarify one thing – IntelliMouse was not the first wheeled mouse. There were earlier attempts even before 1996. However, the wheel was only accepted with the advent of IntelliMouse.

As Microsoft then explained, using the wheel was simple, intuitive and above all useful. Work in Office applications and Internet Explorer has become significantly faster thanks to easier navigation and the ability to zoom and auto-scroll.

The IntelliMouse then cost $ 84.95 and came with a three-year warranty. Over the next two years, it received two new releases, and in 1999 it switched to an optical sensor and increased the number of keys from three to five. In 2001, a wireless release followed.

The scrolling option has been key in many PC games. With it, we flipped through large amounts of text, changed weapons in shooters, and zoomed in on what needed to be zoomed. IntelliMouse has therefore remained legendary and is remembered as one of the best mice ever made. Microsoft therefore revived the brand in 2017, and this year they also announced the Pro IntelliMouse model.