One girl claims that Riot Games designed a LoL character after her without her permission

The latest League of Legends champion, Seraphine, has a potentially bizarre story behind it!

League of Legends got a new character called Seraphine late last month that has already caused several controversies in the wider universe, and another, perhaps the biggest, was updated yesterday. A girl named Stephanie claimed she thought Riot Games designed the character according to her appearance. The claim is based on the fact that she was briefly in a relationship with a guy who worked on the Riot Games development team, credited with the popular League of Legends.

The character of Seraphine was discovered a full year after the two broke off their relationship. Stephanie states that at first she thought it was a coincidence, but the materials from Seraphina that appeared later were, according to her, very similar to the photos she had previously sent to the guy from Riot, both in poses and in the presence of a cat as a pet. in those pictures.

Stephanie claims she can’t prove the character was designed for her and says she doesn’t believe all of the character’s characteristics are taken solely from her, but she is troubled that Riot Games will profit by selling character skins that have an unusual match and connection to her.

Riot Games, on the other hand, rejects her claims. For the PC Gamer portal, they said that the character of Seraphine is not based on any individual person. They also state that the employee Stephanie mentions left the company a year ago and that his role had nothing to do with the creative design process.