See what the gameplay of the war game Six Days in Fallujah looks like

The long-canceled game Six Days in Fallujah will still materialize as a completely new project, and IGN today exclusively broadcast the first recordings of that game. The Highwire Games development team has revealed to them its procedural architecture technology, with which they hope to achieve an element of surprise when waging war in an urban environment.

The system works so that the rooms in the game are randomly set up during each game. In case the action goes wrong and the character in the game is eliminated, in the next attempt he will also go “blind”, not knowing what awaits him in the room. So, every replay of Six Days in Fallujah will bring different situations. The developers wanted to convey the uncertainty of warfare, which is lost in games if the same map awaits you in each subsequent attempt.

They also focused on team struggle and coordination within the team. Hand commands will be so contextual, similar to pinging in battle royale games. For example, if you mark a location, your team will move there; and if you mark the door specifically then it will prepare to pierce the same.

Six Days in Fallujah is planned for PC and consoles, and should come out sometime during 2021.

The realism is also due to the fact that the soldiers who were really on the battlefield took part in the preparation of the game.