The actor from The Last of Us will be in The Last of Us movie, but not as the same character!

Actor Jefferey Pierce, who played Tommy in The Last of Us game serial, will also appear in the The Last of Us move series. But not like Tommy.

We have already had an interesting case of an actress who starred in The Last of Us and will play the same character in a series based on that play. It’s actress Merle Dandridge who plays Fireflies host Marlene. Portal Deadline finds out that she won’t be the only member of the original cast for the game involved in filming the series, but this time things are a little different.

Actor Jeffrey Pierce, who played Joel’s brother Tommy Miller in the play, also landed a role in the series The Last of Us. However, he will not play Tommy there because the role is already taken – he was given to actor Gabriel Luna. “Real Tommy” in the series will play a character named Perry, a guy described as a quarantined rebel. As far as my memory serves me, such a character did not appear in the game and was probably created for the needs of the series.

In addition to Pierce’s engagement, actors have been confirmed for two other famous characters from the play. Remember Joel’s friend Bill? He will be played by actor Con O’Neil, and we will also see his partner Frank played by Murray Barlett.